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Audience Development

Business Content's audience development analytics will help you define your target market precisely.

We begin by profiling and appending your customer file to determine and classify your current audience with an array of data criteria - including names, email addresses and firmographic information. This will allow us to pinpoint the lead generation approach we'll take and choose the audience that will work best for you.

Another advantage is that it gives us detailed insight into the purchasing behaviors of your existing customers over time and provides the ability to reactivate existing non performing clients and attract new customers as well.

B2B Newsletters

Newsletters are one of the most efficient and powerful marketing tools in business-to-business communications. Business Content will design, write, produce and distribute relevant, essential material to both your customers and prospects, while establishing your authority and generating sales leads.

These Custom newsletters will create a dialog with key customers and prospects in your target market as part of your company's integrated marketing plan. They do more than inform and educate your customers; they also encourage participation.

We will make your newsletters part of an overall content strategy that guides readers back to your website and social media channels, reinforcing your brand identity and engaging readers' interest in multiple ways.

As they continue to receive your newsletters, your customers and prospects begin a deeper relationship with you. They learn to trust the information your newsletters contain and look to you to provide solutions. By positioning yourself as a thought leader through a steady flow of valuable information delivered straight to your prospect’s in-box, you gain the jump on your competitors. Your newsletter becomes a fundamental part of your integrated content strategy, maximizing your landing page traffic and inbound lead generation.

Blog Marketing

In addition to promoting brand recognition, publicizing new products and services, and presenting your company as a thought leader, blogs convey corporate perspectives and ethos.

They connect your company to its customers and prospects through engaging dialogue while providing unique content which enhances your CRM and builds profitable new prospects through inbound marketing and organic SEO.

With every new post, you not only gain authority with readers but you also increase your company's relevance and prime positioning within search engines.

Business Content

The more your content addresses the needs of your perfect customer, the more valuable your lead generation strategy becomes.

Successful content marketing depends on connecting with your customers. We will help you make and keep that connection. Business Content will define, develop and distribute a custom communication to your customer and prospect list that delivers your message in a voice that resonates with your readers.

Encompassing everything from brief blog posts to full-length feature articles, white papers, e-newsletter and case studies; it establishes your authority, increases inbound calls, builds your relationship with your ecosystem and invites quality back-linking that enhances your reputation with search engines.

Business Content Packages

Designed for start-ups and smaller budgets, Business Content Bronze includes custom-written, email promotions that will gain high-value leads and raise your visibility with prospects for an economical price.

With Business Content Silver, you'll engage your best prospects with an e-newsletter, a blog that pulls people in from the Internet to your destination website and a promotional email marketing campaigns that will grow your business quickly.

The three key parts of the Gold program are its SEO that will propel your site to the first page of search engine results within nine months, and the social media, email, content and newsletter marketing that reach your ideal customer base directly. With Business Content Gold, you'll substantially increase your sales by establishing your company as the industry leader.

Using our Platinum service, you'll own your industry and eliminate your competition with a package that develops and optimizes your site's content from the ground up and enhances it with SEO, a fully realized social media marketing strategy, engaging newsletters, whitepapers, webinars and videos sent directly to your best prospects. We'll also produce a blog that pulls people from the Internet by turning your site into a destination, a full blown marketing database that continually optimizes your prospecting universe and promotional email marketing campaigns that will grow your business quickly.

In putting together our presentation, we’ve tried to anticipate your needs, but we’ve presented a good deal of solutions to you and would be happy to delve deeper into our processes and answer any questions you have.

Customer Profile Analytics and Optimization Strategies.

Our analytics begin with a process of benchmarking, profiling and appending your customer file. We determine and classify your current audience with an array of data criteria - including names, email addresses, demographic and firmographic information. We then continuously use your analytics to:
I. Create and deploy more targeted messages.
II. Tailor your offers and marketing for different segments of your prospect base
III. Collect and analyze response rates from your prospects, and adjust your messages accordingly
IV. Analyze the behavior of customer purchasing habits over time
V. Gain insight into how to motivate existing customers to increase their dollar spend, and incentivize former customers to reactivate their business relationship with you.

By doing so, we accomplish many things:
A. We stay in the mind of the prospects in the early stages of the sales cycle. This alone will generate extra sales as people who were previously lost are now prioritized for follow-up.
B. We now have the unique opportunity to explain the benefits of your products in greater detail. Framing the information in ways that individual prospects will find interesting and beneficial.
C. We have the opportunity to establish you as experts in the eyes of your customers and prospects.
D. We have a great opportunity to expand your information and receive feedback from your customer and prospects.
E. This enables you to further understand their requirements and gain increased business.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Lead generation creates interest and draws new prospects into your sales pipeline. Business Content brings inbound lead generation together with your content strategy in a way that a piecemeal approach cannot. Integrating lead-building with content creation and audience development gives you the ability to find qualified untapped markets. By maximizing the impact of your content we can turn prospects into customers and customers into referrals.

Content marketing is one of the most cost effective means of generating interest outperforming trade shows, print and even traditional direct mail for building valuable leads.

Engaging content spans multiple marketing channels and carries your message in the media that your prospects use and respond to. Well-crafted email campaigns, landing pages, whitepapers, newsletters and blog posts are vital components to sparking interest and starting a dialogue.

Integrated Marketing

Every prospect is a moving target. That’s why your company can benefit from a well-coordinated program that uses multiple promotion methods in an integrated marketing campaign. By integrating your email copy, social media campaigns, blog posts, newsletters, PR, and landing pages along with professionally written content and refining it with analytical data; your marketing efforts will:

• Generate more sales
• Establish your knowledge and authority
• Increase your brand awareness
• Maintain a dialogue with your customers and prospects
• And Prompt your customers and prospects to interact with you

Successful integrated marketing depends on broad expertise and comprehensive marketing knowledge. We’re skilled at putting all the pieces together to unify your message, get it read and fill your sales pipeline.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most powerful and cost effective marketing tools making it an ideal solution for reaching customers with unparalleled efficiency. Since it can yield high response rates and is tracked in real time for a relatively low cost, email is the ideal way to conduct business and generate leads.

Email marketing is part science, and part art form. To get your message opened and read, and not deleted, your company needs the skills, strategies and knowledge which Business Content has perfected. Only expertly written messaging makes it through to its destination. The copywriters at Business Content have years of experience creating engaging, must-read copy that generates outstanding response rates for an affordable investment. From subject lines that grab a reader's interest, to offers that create urgency, our email strategies give you measurable results.

We increase your open and click-through rates, get your email forwarded and enjoy more sales with marketing campaigns that engage your customers fully. By asking for data from a reader before giving them access to high-value, information-rich content such as white papers, webinars and feature articles, you're prompting an interactive response and making a connection while collecting important prospect data.

These advantages are cumulative and increase with successive campaigns.


Using the right Search Engine Optimization strategies will help you to gain the top natural, organic search ranking for your company's web site within Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Today's search engines have evolved in the ways they assign authority and rank. The methodologies have become increasingly sophisticated and use many different formulas.

Search engines no longer rely on key words and Meta tags. Today's algorithms take into account a myriad of factors including social media sharing, natural language syntax, retention, back-link values and well-written original content.

Successful SEO combines these factors to produce the maximum amount of traffic to your company's web site. Business Content has the specialized white hat strategies, knowledge, expertise and experience to increase your company's visibility and propel it to the first page of every relevant search.

Some companies use inexpensive overseas automated content creators that scrape content from other's websites and use easily detectable spin software which generates inappropriate syntax. Search engines know when you plagiarize and penalize you for not using original content. Poor content strategies will result in permanent damage to your reputation with customers and search engines rankings alike.

Our experts will professionally copy write original content and use a host of proven white hat strategies to get and keep your company's keywords ranking on page 1 which will give your company a significant advantage over its competitors.

Social Marketing

Social marketing is the perpetual interface between your company's message and the increasingly wired world. With social marketing, you don't just deliver a monologue; you participate in the conversation.

An effective social media strategy propagates the interaction between you, your customers and prospects. It gains your company more authority, relevance and believability when it's your customers that create the buzz. The key is getting your clients to share your content, "liking", “re-tweeting” and “mentioning” your Facebook page and Twitter messages.

Business Content makes social media an integral part of your overall marketing strategy by leveraging new and existing content which builds customer interest, generates leads and crystallizes your brand in customers' minds.

What's more, today's search engine algorithms increasingly include social marketing presence as part of their assessment of a site's relevance and value. Business Content's social media experts will use these channels to increase your search engines web site traffic exponentially.

In today's competitive economic environment, it's absolutely essential to use SEO to direct people to your web site and stay relevant. The better your optimization, the higher your rank and visibility. This leads to more traffic driven to your site and more sales.


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