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Social marketing is the interface between your company’s message and the increasingly wired world. You can’t just deliver a monologue; you must participate in a conversation. An effective social media marketing strategy propagates the interaction you need because it’s a much more believable message when your customers create a buzz by sharing your content, “liking” your Facebook page and re-Tweeting your messages.

Business Content makes social media an integral part of your overall marketing strategy by creating focused campaigns that build customer interest, generate leads and crystallize your brand in customers’ minds. Our social media content experts are well-versed in maximizing your impact on today’s biggest social channels and have the industry knowledge to establish your presence first on up-and-coming platforms.

Social content is too important to leave to chance or treat as an afterthought. Today’s search engine algorithms increasingly include social marketing signals as part of their assessment of a site’s relevance and value. The more your customers talk about your company and share your site with friends and business associates, the more recognition you gain. By using social media channels, interaction between customers and search engines increase your web site traffic exponentially.

Business Content writers know how to start engaging conversations with your customers and make those conversations relevant to your overall SEO strategy. No other format offers a faster way to deliver and share compelling content, and we monitor it so you don’t have to.

Social content is crucial to your success. If you’re relying on a piecemeal integrated media strategy, you’re missing out on the power of social influence, and your company is losing sales.

Guide your customers’ and prospects’ conversations and steer more business your way with a social media presence that fits seamlessly with your overall content strategy.

Social Media Articles

Why Social Media Matters to B2B Marketing

Anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account can see how social media marketing works for B2C companies. While it may be hard to predict which content will get shared or go viral with end-use customers, the process happens all the time. Unilever, for example, has caught fire with Dove’s Real Beauty campaign and turned it into an ever-expanding series of YouTube videos to go along with print ads and newsletters. Social media’s role in business-to-business marketing is far subtler but just as vital. B2B content may not have the millions of page views that B2C counterparts get, but it addresses a higher-value, more deeply invested audience. Your audience is already knowledgeable about their industry; you don’t need to tell them their business. That leaves you free to focus your social media content on building awareness of you, establish thought leadership, build your brand and get that highly informed audience more engaged with what you have to say. Read more…

Are You Getting The Most From Your Social Media And SEO?

If you consider social media and SEO as separate entities, you may want to rethink that. New research suggests they’re closely linked and that failing to integrate the two can cost you. A recent SEO strategy report from marketing research specialists with Ascend2 and Research Underwriters found that successful SEO strategies are predicated on making social media a key part of their overall optimization plan. Read more…

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