Business Content Silver Program


Ideal for businesses that want to engage their prospects on multiple levels and develop a destination site, the Business Content Silver program includes all of the features of the Bronze program plus blogs and e-newsletters. This program takes the landing pages, email marketing messages, prospect database and analytics available with the Bronze program and enriches content with a steady stream of fresh information that enhances search engine rankings and gives your site broader appeal.

Blogs are vital tools for reaching a wider audience. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo value new content, and frequent blog updates supply the information your site needs to earn a higher place on search engine rankings. Your customers can’t shop from you if they can’t find you, so for established small to mid-sized businesses, having a blog is essential to visibility.

With e-newsletters, you speak directly to your prospects when they’re most receptive. Insightful news briefs, informative articles and notifications keep your customers up to date and establish you as a familiar name in their email in-boxes. The Business Content Silver program includes a regular newsletter schedule to accompany blog posts, creating a dynamic interplay between them that builds your reputation.

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