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In today’s competitive economic environment, it’s absolutely essential to use SEO to direct people to your web site and stay relevant. The better your optimization, the higher your rank and visibility. Outstanding SEO leads to more traffic driven to your site; more traffic means more sales.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of gaining the top natural, organic search results ranking for your company’s web site within a search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Search engines are continually evolving in the ways they assign authority and rank to pages. The methodologies are becoming increasingly sophisticated, using many different formulas. These algorithms no longer rely on key words and meta tags. Today’s algorithms take into account a host of factors, including social media sharing, natural language syntax, retention, back-link values and well-written original content.

To gain the top ranking, you need a specialized New York SEO marketing firm with the knowledge, expertise and experience to increase your company’s visibility and propel it to the first page of every relevant search.

This is where Business Content can help you achieve your goals. Our expert copy writers will create original, professionally polished content and use proven white hat strategies to give your company an advantage over its competitors.

Search engines know when you plagiarize and penalize you for not using original content. Companies opting for inexpensive, automated content from overseas creators are penny-wise and pound-foolish. Those companies scrape content and use easily detectable spin that generates inappropriate syntax. The search engines aren’t fooled, and neither are your customers.

It’s not enough for your company to have an Internet presence. Your site must be properly positioned if you want to drive customers to it. Successful SEO combines natural language and search engine algorithms to produce the maximum amount of traffic to your company’s web site.

Let Business Content optimize your company’s web site. We will create a comprehensive program to get you positive results with engaging, natural writing that gets the attention of search engines and customers.

Contact us today for a comprehensive SEO assessment of your website. Whether your site needs a top-to-bottom overhaul or just a boost to its optimization, we will help you shine.

New SEO Articles

What Does The Google Hummingbird Update Mean for SEO

From a user’s perspective, Google seems fairly static aside from the colorful and clever designs the search engine posts on its main page. Behind the scenes, though, its architects are constantly working to improve its functionality, weed out low-value sites and promote meaningful content. The search engine giant releases small updates frequently, but large changes are less common. For SEO analysts and writers, a major new Google update could mean the need to redesign or rewrite whole websites. Read more…

Are You Getting the Most from Your Social Media and SEO?

If you consider social media and SEO as separate entities, you may want to rethink that. New research suggests they’re closely linked and that failing to integrate the two can cost you. A recent SEO strategy report from marketing research specialists with Ascend2 and Research Underwriters found that successful SEO strategies are predicated on making social media a key part of their overall optimization plan. Read more…

Google’s Penguin 2.0 Update

Toward the end of May, Google delivered the promised major update to Penguin, the search engine giant’s anti-spam-site algorithm bundle. Google’s Matt Cutts described some of what site owners should know about the changes, and early data backs him up in his forecasts. You don’t need to be familiar with the technical aspects of SEO under Penguin 2.0 to see that Google – and by extension, every other major search engine – is all in for high-quality content. Read more….

5 Must Have Elements of Great SEO

No matter how usable your SEO content is, visitors will bounce from the page if they can’t figure out what you’re saying. The basics – sound grammar, proper spelling, and a clean page layout – need to be in place first, but they’re just the foundation of readability. You also have to consider the sophistication of your audience relative to your subject matter. How well do your readers know your subject? If you aim for novices by explaining terms and presenting simple facts, you’ll win raves from neophytes but could bore a more knowledgeable audience. Reach the experts with dense, information-packed copy and jargon, and you risk confusing readers who aren’t yet as industry-savvy. Read more…

Content Is King Vs. The Emperor’s New Clothes

SEO has become a moving target as Google and other major search engines become more sophisticated, but it wasn’t always that way. In earlier years, any back-linking strategy was enough to draw traffic to a website. Search engines hadn’t yet learned to penalize link-buying and link-trading strategies, nor did they pay attention to the text surrounding keywords.

Optimization meant getting as much traffic as possible regardless of the value of that traffic because visitors’ numbers boosted page rankings and moved sites above their competitors. Top-down construction put the emphasis on a single, keyword-stuffed main page with a meta description hundreds of words long. Meaningful content was soon swamped by black-hat SEO tactics that released page after valueless page of keyword-rich, information-poor text. Search engines responded with vastly improved algorithms that largely did away with insubstantial sites. Read more…

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