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When marketing your business online, positive social media buzz and favorable press releases have far-reaching influence over your potential customers. Negative information can also spread easily, however. All it takes is one client or competitor to post an unfavorable review to harm your online reputation severely and disrupt your profitability. Your best defense against unfair reviews is a steady stream of positive content from a trusted source.

Business Content will help you recover your reputation and regain your standing on search engine pages by diluting negative content and using white-hat SEO techniques to construct a fairer, more accurate picture of your company. We can work through social media channels, static sites, feature articles and video to re-establish your company’s good name and authority.

Even if your online reputation is spotless, Business Content’s reputation optimization process can help you make the most of those glowing reviews. We will use the positive feedback your clients have given you to create exciting content that gives them more of what they love while introducing new prospects to your brand. By building a strong reputation for outstanding quality, impeccable customer service and thought leadership within your industry, our content strategy protects you from future reputation damage and ensures that you present the picture you want your customers to see.

Don’t feel defenseless against negative information; combat it with positive content that propels you to your proper place on search engine results pages and in your customers’ esteem.

Online Reputation Articles

Reputation Optimization and Your Content Strategy

One of our previous posts dealt with reputation repair, but repairing something only promises to make it as good as it was. Making reputation optimization part of your ongoing content strategy actively improves your status, raising you above your competition and minimizing any negative press that may have attached itself to your company name.

Reputation Repair

Even if you carefully control comments in your blog and customer reviews on your site, you can’t control everything people say about you. Yelp, Angie’s List and a host of social media sites are their own entities, and while you can target defamatory or libelous claims on them, you may still face the occasional negative review even if you’ve done everything you could to satisfy your clientele. It isn’t your fault if a customer buys a jacket two sizes too small or selects the wrong color of paint, but you could pay the price in negative reviews. Read more…

Reputation Repair: Protecting Your Online Image

Readers are like travelers on a train. They get an ever-changing view of the Internet from their smartphones and laptops, but the landscape through which they move remains the same. One bad review from a difficult customer or a volley of negative blog posts from a disgruntled former employee could tarnish your company’s reputation. Even when the bad press isn’t deserved or is later retracted, it remains searchable for anyone who cares to look – including your current and future customers.

Any company can find itself in need of a reputation polish. The point of reputation fixing is not to squelch legitimate concerns; it’s to show that you care about those concerns and have taken steps to address them while downgrading unfair criticism and smear campaigns from the first pages of search engine results. Think of a reputation repair as your opportunity to present your side of the story and offer a clear, honest representation of who your company truly is.

Roughly three out of four people consider online reviews as meaningful as recommendations from their friends, so the need for maintaining a great reputation is obvious. Good press is one of your bestselling tools. Read more…

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