Online Lead Generation


Lead generation creates interest and draws new prospects into the sales pipeline. Content marketing is one of the most overlooked means of generating interest. Yet online content currently outperforms trade shows, print and even traditional direct mail for building valuable leads. The more closely your content addresses the needs of your perfect customer, the more valuable your lead generation strategy becomes.

By asking for data from a reader before giving access to high-value, information-rich content such as white pages, webinars and feature articles, you are prompting an interactive response and making a connection while collecting important prospect data.

With an array of data criteria including names, email addresses and firmographic information from which to choose, pinpoint exactly the lead generation approach that works best for you. Business Content’s analytics will help you define your target market precisely.

Engaging content spans multiple marketing channels and carries your message in media to which readers respond. Well-crafted email campaigns, landing pages and blog posts are vital components to sparking interest and starting a dialogue.

Business Content brings lead generation together with your content strategy in a way that a piecemeal approach cannot. Integrating lead-building with content creation empowers you to find untapped markets and maximize the impact of your content by turning prospects into customers and customers into referrals.

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