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Every prospect is a moving target. That’s why every company can benefit greatly from a well-coordinated program that uses multiple promotion methods in an integrated marketing campaign. By integrating your email copy, social media campaigns, blog posts and landing pages with professionally written content and refining it with analytical data, your marketing efforts become a finely honed and potent force multiplier which will:

  • Generate more sales
  • Establish your industry knowledge and authority
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Maintain a dialogue with customers and prospects
  • Prompt customers and prospects to interact with you

Successful integrated marketing depends on broad expertise and comprehensive industry knowledge. Business Content is skilled at fitting together all the necessary elements to unify your signal and get your message seen and processed.

Business Content’s professional copywriters use only native English speakers with years of experience in content creation. You work with a writing team to help you strengthen your brand, not with an overseas company that farms out your work. Our writers can tailor content to your company’s needs. If most of your marketing strategy is in place, they will write custom content to fit with and enhance it. If you want start-to-finish site creation, including social media management, blogging and newsletter content, our authors will provide that as well.

Business Content is a true business partner with a value proposition for growing your business that’s unmatched in the industry. By combining our integrated marketing strategies with our proprietary email database and copywriting team, we’ll identify, locate, target, qualify and generate highly profitable business-to-business leads for your immediate follow-up.

Business Content is your integrated marketing solution.

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