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Email is one of the most powerful and cost effective marketing tools, making it an ideal solution for reaching customers with unparalleled efficiency. Because it can yield high response rates and be tracked in real time for a relatively low cost, email is the ideal way to conduct business and generate leads.

Despite their benefits, if not implemented properly, email campaigns can fail to produce maximum results. Some business executives receive over a hundred email messages per day. To get your message opened and read instead of deleted, your company needs the skill and knowledge that Business Content provides.

Only expertly written email makes it through busy executives’ filters and reaches its destination. The copywriters at Business Content have years of experience creating engaging, must-read copy that produces outstanding response rates for an affordable investment. From subject lines that grab a reader’s interest to offers that generate interest and create urgency, our email strategy gives you measurable results. Increase your open and click-through rates, get your email forwarded and enjoy more sales with email marketing campaigns that engage your customers fully.

The advantages only increase in successive mailings. We employ analytics to gauge the success of each mailing. The data we collect helps you develop more refined approaches through A/B split testing and multivariate analysis.

With a message that sets you apart from the pack and technology that gets your email exactly where you want it, the Business Content email system delivers.

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