Customer Profiling


Building Your Ideal Customer Profile

Every business has its ideal customer profile. Our benchmarking and append process helps you discover and define yours, then analyzes that data to find matching prospects. By analyzing your current audience’s list data – including names, mailing addresses, email, demographic information and firmographic details –  we extrapolate these analytics to:

  1. Create more focused marketing messages
  2. Customize your offers to give them greater appeal for each segment of your audience
  3. Examine response rates to previous campaigns and use the data to refine your messages
  4. Track your customers’ behavior over time and build a long-range picture of buying habits
  5. Learn what motivates your customers to larger purchases and bring former customers back into a business relationship.

Constructing a better, more accurate customer profile is key to achieving these goals:

  • You claim a larger share of real estate in your prospects’ minds early in the sales cycle, earning you additional sales by involving prospects who might otherwise have been lost. Prioritizing these potential sales can lead to significant growth.
  • Targeted messages let you explain your products’ features and benefits in the richer detail they deserve.
  • Through customer analysis and profiling, you have the opportunity to establish authority in ways your prospects find most meaningful.
  • Create a more productive dialogue with your customers and prospects by learning more about them and giving them focused information.
  • Understand what brings your customers back to you and how to motivate new prospects who match your ideal customer profile.

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