Content Matters for Customer Retention Too


When most businesses think of content marketing, they’re talking about customer acquisition and lead generation. They’re right to love content for its ability to bring in interested new prospects. With a solid content strategy, companies can create plenty of buzz and draw more traffic. Outstanding copy does more than bring in new customers, though; it’s also a key component of your customer retention plans. Just as you don’t stop having a conversation with your audience once they become regulars, you don’t stop offering worthwhile content to your frequent visitors and best customers.

Email Retargeting

Retargeting gives you another chance to make an offer to prospects who might otherwise be on their way out the door. Whether they’re former customers who haven’t connected with you in some time or visitors who once expressed an interest that seems to have waned, prospects whose engagement with you has dropped merit another look with a retargeting campaign. Instead of sending them introductory information or reaching them through SEO, your content team reaches out to this segment of your audience with copy designed to welcome them back.


Whether you send them weekly, monthly or quarterly, newsletters are an excellent chance to re-engage with some of your best customers. While collecting subscription information from new newsletter recipients benefits the lead generation and customer acquisition side of the equation, the content of the newsletter itself keeps established clients connected to you. To maximize the staying power your newsletter can give you, branch out and offer multiple letters to different audience segments. By developing specialized newsletters for your audience, you speak to them directly – and they’ll continue to listen.

Blog Posts

Your blog plays an important role in your SEO strategy, but if you’re blogging well, it’s far more than that. With interesting, relevant posts published regularly, your blog can become a destination site for your regular customers too. Too many companies, especially those in B2B sectors, see their blog as an SEO tool and nothing more. By putting content first in your blog and giving readers something worth seeking out each week, you maintain a constant connection with your customers in a way that social media can’t match.

Downloadable Content

As with your newsletter, your downloadable content can be a powerful lead generation tool, but that’s not its only use. White papers, webinars and case studies enrich your site for longtime customers too. They benefit just as much as your new visitors from outstanding downloadable content, so give them something worth returning to and update your download library regularly. Frequent additions and updates serve a dual purpose; not only do you give your customers something valuable, you also build your authority with search engines. Over time, that collection of white papers you’ve posted can even become an e-book and let you gain entry into a whole new audience. With so many reasons to add long-form downloadable information to your site, it’s one of the best content investments you can make.

Video Demonstrations

Convincing people to buy is only part of your role. You also want your customers to be well educated about how to use what they’ve bought. Knowledgeable customers are happy customers, and they’re also more likely to share that knowledge with new prospects. Give your clients fresh ideas for your product line with a video library full of demonstrations. By illustrating new uses for your products or showing buyers how to get the most from them, you show your commitment to great customer service while giving visitors reasons to return to your site.

Content helps you bring in new traffic, but it’s equally good at making your current customers happier. The billboards can bring them in, but only a great show makes sure you play to a packed house every night.

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