Make Your Landing Pages Sing

A landing page isn’t just where prospects happen to stumble across your offer after idly surfing during a lunch break. It’s a finely tooled and carefully calibrated machine designed to move those prospects one step deeper into your sales funnel. Because it’s specific and targeted, it needs to have the right structure and copy to be compelling on its own, not as part of a larger whole. Here’s a brief guide to punching up your landing pages and turning them into high-impact sales tools.

One Page, One Option

Landing pages make a single offer and feature a single path to take visitors who wind up there to your desired location. They don’t lead to multiple sites or ask viewers to choose from a wide array of calls to action. Once they’re on your landing page, they’re presented with one opportunity – the chance to subscribe, download your white paper, sign up for your service or otherwise contact you. Remember, your landing page is there for a single purpose; if you add more reasons to be there, you dilute that original purpose and make it less compelling.

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