Audience Development


Business Content’s audience development analytics will help you define your target market precisely.


    • Customer Profiling
    • Customer Appending with Firmographic Data


      • Gain Detailed Insight into Purchasing Behaviors
      • Reactivate Existing Non-performing Customers
      • Attract New Customers

Knowledge is power, but it’s more than that; it’s also a medium of exchange. With Business Content, you share your industry knowledge with your prospects via engaging blog posts, thought-provoking white papers and feature articles. In return, you receive information from customers that then becomes part of a customer profile knowledge base, giving you insight into your ideal client and taking your audience development to new levels.

What Audience Development Can Do for You

Business Content uses a multi-channel, multi-sourced database with more than 72 million postal addresses and 35 million email addresses to derive key firmographic and demographic data. Matching your customers’ vital statistics against the information in our database opens the door to new markets, connecting you with other prospects who fit your ideal customer profile.

When you use the power of knowledge for audience development, you can:

– Seek new markets with abundant opportunities for growth
– Identify key similarities within your customer base to develop your target audience
– Understand your customers’ needs better
– Select highly responsive email and direct mail lists for further development
– Target new sites for growth

Painting a Picture with Data

Each customer’s information creates a set of valuable data points that paint a detailed picture of that customer. By overlaying that information image with key metrics from our extensive ReachBase knowledge file, we can select and develop receptive new audiences for you. By choosing pivotal data points for your audience, you locate and connect with quality prospects. Some of the selectable firmographic data elements you can choose include:

      • Sales volume
      • Number of employees
      • Job title and position
      • Industry
      • SIC
      • Previous buying sites
      • Buying influences

Demographic data will reveal new insights about your B2B or B2C customers and outline potential growth sectors for you. Combined with Business Content’s ability to speak directly to and engage with your intended audience, this knowledge is incredibly powerful. Discover more about your customers with these demographic segments:

        • Gender
        • Home value
        • Hobbies and interests
        • Income
        • Family size and makeup
        • Credit availability
        • Special needs and ailments
        • Entertainment preferences
        • Recreational habits
        • Special interests

Implement these leading-edge audience development techniques and discover why knowledge is power.

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