‘Content Is King’ vs. the Emperor’s New Clothes

If you’ve spent even five minutes searching for a business content provider, you’ve seen this phrase: “Content is king.” Everyone from article spinners to ESL writers uses it, but if the aphorism is true, not everyone is an equally loyal subject to the monarch. Content means more than filling space with the requisite number of keywords and just enough surrounding text to stitch them together, yet content creators that cling to old SEO rules about keyword counts and simplistic back-linking strategies still hold out their wares like the finest cloth for the emperor’s latest robes. Continue reading

Why Social Media Matters to B2B Marketing

Anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account can see how social media marketing works for B2C companies. While it may be hard to predict which content will get shared or go viral with end-use customers, the process happens all the time. Unilever, for example, has caught fire with Dove’s Real Beauty campaign and turned it into an ever-expanding series of YouTube videos to go along with print ads and newsletters. Continue reading

The Bane of Business Jargon

Every profession has its own vocabulary. Physicians are used to mixing Latin terminology with their English, and physicists studying subatomic particles ascribe different meanings to “charm” and “strange.” The business realm is no exception, but some business jargon needlessly alienates or bores its readers. You can’t communicate effectively with your staff or customers if you rely on business content that contains more style than substance. Continue reading


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