Would You Read Your Site?

In all the discussions of Google Penguin updates, shifting search engine algorithms, novel content strategies and social media marketing, one key question sometimes goes unasked: Would you read it? If you didn’t have to edit, proofread and publish your content, would your site still hold your interest or teach you something you didn’t know? The answer isn’t just academic; your SEO strategy depends on it. Continue reading

5 Must-Have Elements of Great SEO

Search engine optimization is about more than choosing the right keywords and using effective link strategies, at least in its modern incarnation.


Great SEO content lets your readers take something away from what they’ve read and implement it. Whether it’s an article about the season’s hottest shoe styles or a newsy post on a legal blog, content should contain usable information. Otherwise, it’s just filler with a few links and keywords sprinkled in – exactly the kind of thin content Google now pushes to its back pages. Continue reading

Writing By Design

Decoration and design are often used interchangeably, but they’re vastly different in scope and scale. Consider the difference between interior decorating and interior design. An interior designer plans from the floor up, working with architects and craftsmen to transform a space completely. Decorating is part of the job too, but it’s the final step to a lengthier process. Your writing team should design your business content too. It’s more involved than decorating an empty landing page or blog with words; it’s an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Continue reading

The Psychology Behind Social Proof

The next time you walk down a busy street, stop and look in a specific direction – up, down, toward the street, at a shop window, it doesn’t matter where. Take note of the people around you, and you’ll see that at least a few of them turn their heads to follow your gaze. If you’re looking, then there must be something worth seeing, or so the mirror neurons that note other people’s actions tell them. Continue reading


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