Biggest Blogging Blunders

Everyone tells you that you need a blog, but they aren’t as forthcoming about what to do with it once you have it. Content experts are right to recommend a blog; with it, you can build your brand and involve your customers like nothing else. Misusing it, though, is more than just a missed opportunity; it can actively work against you. Continue reading

Reputation Optimization and Your Content Strategy

One of our previous posts dealt with reputation repair, but repairing something only promises to make it as good as it was. Making reputation optimization part of your ongoing content strategy actively improves your status, raising you above your competition and minimizing any negative press that may have attached itself to your company name. Continue reading

Breaking Free of “Brand X” Content

Think of the strong brand identity of major players; they’ve built brands so strong that you don’t even need to see text to recognize their iconic imagery. These images are anything but generic, and the brands behind them spend millions to develop their unique identity that sets them apart from “Brand X” imitators. Differentiating yourself from your competitors applies to every aspect of what you do – your logo, your services, your social media presence and especially your content. Continue reading

The Art and Science of Keyword Clouds in SEO Strategies

No matter what language you speak, from English to Urdu to ASL, it follows some fundamental characteristics that mark those sounds and signs as information. One of the main characteristics of language is the frequency of word use. Information theory lets scientists tell language from non-language just by studying these frequencies even if they can’t understand the language itself. Even dolphins’ sounds follow the same frequency graph, leading some researchers to believe the animals are communicating information as readily as you communicate to your readers. Continue reading


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