Reputation Repair: Protecting Your Online Image

Readers are like travelers on a train. They get an ever-changing view of the Internet from their smartphones and laptops, but the landscape through which they move remains the same. One bad review from a difficult customer or a volley of negative blog posts from a disgruntled former employee could tarnish your company’s reputation. Even when the bad press isn’t deserved or is later retracted, it remains searchable for anyone who cares to look – including your current and future customers. Continue reading

“Talk To Me:” What Your Audience Really Wants

Do you know who’s reading your content? If you want to build your brand, you should. Until you know who is reading what you publish on your blog, static website or social media channels, you can’t effectively address their wants and needs. Everyone who reads your blog or newsfeed is tacitly saying “Talk to Me;” when your content misses the mark, they assume you must be talking to someone else and tune out your message. Continue reading

Hearing Hoofbeats: Is Google Zebra on the Way?

“When you hear hoofbeats, don’t expect a herd of zebras,” or so the maxim goes. Many SEO specialists and content creation teams are doing just that, though, due to rumors that Google Zebra is on its way.

Like the previous two animal-themed updates, Google Panda and Google Penguin, this major upgrade to the search engine’s current algorithms purportedly aims to improve users’ experience by producing more relevant, high-quality results. Panda, the first big roll-out, targeted low-quality information and content farms while Penguin later went after thin content, keyword stuffing and low-value backlinks. Zebra, the next black and white behemoth, will allegedly tackle social media. Continue reading


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