(Legit) Ways to Repurpose Your Content

After reading about how crucial engaging, original content is to your overall content strategy, it may seem like an about-face to talk about repurposing content. If Google’s only interested in original information, is it still possible to get more value from the business content you buy? When you repurpose content without boring your clients or duplicating content already published online, you can. Continue reading

What’s Your Story: How Narrative Content Defines Your Brand

Think of a novel. It could be a literary classic, your favorite book of all time or the story you read last night. No matter which book you picked, it almost certainly has a narrative thread running through it. Where there’s a story, there must be a storyteller. Narrative content works for nonfiction, too, and a great narrative tells the story of your business. Brand storytelling is part of what separates the big names from their indistinguishable imitators. Continue reading

Build Equity with Your Blog

One major factor homeowners cite for buying instead of renting is the chance to build equity in their property. When you have a blog, every post you publish builds equity in your brand, eventually turning it into a resource with more value than the sum of its posts. With careful nurturing and excellent content, your blog isn’t just a bunch of dated news items about the sale you ran last year; it’s an ongoing source of traffic and a constant bump up the search engine results pages. Continue reading

6 Content Marketing Myths

Mythology arises when a society doesn’t understand how a phenomenon works. In ancient times, that led to beliefs in chariots moving the sun and gods throwing thunderbolts. Today, it leads to beliefs in high keyword density and Google algorithms that only look at a single paragraph of text. You’ve probably already dispelled many of these myths yourself, but as you surf, see how many of these superstitions you can spot. Continue reading


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