Branded Content: Becoming an Online Destination

As print newspapers and magazines struggle to find readers, online content has soared in popularity. With that shift has come a revolution in where great content is found. No longer confined to print information, writers are looking for new markets for their best work. They’re increasingly finding those markets with branded content – business blogs and articles. Continue reading

Foiling Content Theft the Smart Way – Part 2

That sinking feeling when you realize you’ve been robbed is no more enjoyable when you’ve lost virtual valuables than when your watch turns up missing. Thieves, spam bloggers, and scrapers deny you and your writing team the credit you deserve, and it’s tempting to put your content investments behind heavy-duty locks. Our last post discussed some of those locks and their drawbacks; this one will examine the keys to keeping your content safer while allowing it to remain accessible. Continue reading

Foiling Content Theft the Smart Way – Part 1

If you pay for thoughtfully written, original content, you will inevitably become a target for someone who doesn’t. Content theft, the practice of copying and pasting your blog post, FAQ, or article marketing piece without crediting or back-linking to your site, is rampant. If it doesn’t seem like a major issue, consider this: Every click, tweet, or “like” that article gets elsewhere is one you’ve lost. Continue reading

Why Article Spinning Doesn’t Work

If you’ve spent any time with SEO and article marketing, you know about spinning. Companies that provide the service market it as a way to make your original content do double or triple duty while still passing Copyscape and other plagiarism detection tools. By feeding your fresh, original article to an automated spinner, they promise, the article’s sense remains while just a few words are changed. They’d have you believe that it’s a cheaper solution to original writing and that article spinning won’t incur duplicate-content penalties from search engines. Continue reading


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