Key Pieces of Information Your Content Writer Needs to Know

When you’ve found the content writer who seems to have an instinct for voicing your thoughts perfectly, you know you’ve chosen well. Like any good business partnership, everything just seems to fall into place effortlessly. However, even the best content creation team or the sharpest prose stylist can benefit from your help. Giving your content marketing crew some direction will help you get the most for your marketing budget and make your content sing. Continue reading

What Do You Want Your Content to Do?

Content does more than fill space on your website. It’s more than a link delivery system loaded with a certain percentage of keywords. Your content serves a purpose, and the more accurately you define that purpose, the more successful your content provider can be in giving you what you need. By giving your content direction or choosing a content team you can trust to provide that direction, you get more effective writing. Continue reading

Arguing Semantics: Why Keywords Alone are Not Enough

When ordering business content for article marketing, landing pages, SEO or social media, some business owners don’t stop to think about what they need that content to do. It’s a placeholder, a way to fill the space on the page more efficiently than just leaving an “under construction” message on the site. Content, to them, is just the stuff that gets wrapped around the important parts such as keywords and links that draw search engines’ attention. What they don’t realize is that search engines no longer look at links and keywords alone. Continue reading


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