Getting More from Your Business Blog

More than 100,000 blogs are started every day, many of them for new or established businesses. With such an incredible volume of new voices on the Internet, how can your customers hear yours? If you already have a blog that’s under-performing or that you don’t know how to fill, that question is especially relevant. A business blog isn’t an instant ticket to success, but as it grows, it can become a vital part of your site. Continue reading

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Content Buyers Make

Changes to search engine algorithms and new ways of using mobile devices are changing the face of content marketing, but not all content buyers have moved with the evolving state of the industry. They’re relying on old data and misconceptions. You’ve probably seen the results a few times – sites that look as though they came from 1997, feature arid writing or have keywords crammed into every available space. Ensure your content stays fresh and current by avoiding these common mistakes. Continue reading

What SEO Is – And What It Isn’t

The three hottest letters in online content are undoubtedly “SEO.” Short for search engine optimization, it’s a strategy for making sure that Google, Bing and other search engines recognize a site and grant it more weight when listing results. It relies on a complex system of latent semantic indexing, intelligent back-linking and keyword use to propel a site higher on the search engine results pages. Continue reading


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