How to Get Ahead of Google Changes

What was your last Google search? Chances are it was short, probably one or two words, and it may have included a geographical location. That’s how most people use search engines, and it’s directed how many sites create content. Unfortunately, it’s also steered many of them wrong. By thinking only of keywords and back-links, site designers and writers forget that people, not search engines, are the audience for their business content. Continue reading

Five Reasons Why People Aren’t Reading Your Content

They Can’t Find Your Content

If you were selling your car for $100, you wouldn’t get a single buyer if no one knew about the sale. The same philosophy applies to your content. From hit blogs to major e-commerce sites that draw millions of hits a month, every hit site became popular because others could find it. Making your content easy to find should be your first priority, and you can do that in three ways. Continue reading

Value Added Content Writing

The “content is king” mantra has become so ingrained in article marketing and content creation that few people think much about what it means. On the surface, it’s pretty obvious: give readers meaningful content instead of a flimsy framework stuffed with keywords, and they’ll line up to read what you have to say. Unfortunately, everyone else is following the same philosophy, and while that means there’s a lot of great content being written, it also makes it tougher to differentiate yourself. Continue reading


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