Copywriting and Content Marketing: The Perfect Partnership

When you think of content writing, you may think of the keyword-rich SEO articles that slowly build organic traffic, and you’d be right. Content marketing helps you occupy your corner of the online marketplace, and it’s essential to both customer acquisition and retention.

Infusing your content with some copywriting panache turns that slow trickle of organic traffic into a torrent of interest. Copywriting is the art of creating advertising content that inspires action. It’s vivid, lively and brief, getting your message across in a concentrated form and delivering a strong call to action. The best content writing is strengthened with copywriting techniques, and great copywriting gains depth from meaningful content creation. Together, the two are a powerful marketing strategy. Continue reading

5 Steps to Making Your Content Writing Count

Content marketing is more than just an industry buzzword. It’s an essential building block for any integrated marketing concept, and it’s working for businesses as big as eBay and Microsoft and as small as the corner grocery store. Even the best content can’t score points with your intended audience if they never get to see it, though. Make your content count with a strategy that sets you apart. Continue reading


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